Competitiveness Fund

The Competitiveness Fund was approved by Order No. 102, dated 19.03.2019 by the Ministry of Finance and Economy. This fund aims to support and improve the capacity of Albanian SMEs so that they are able to respond to requests international market, as well as increase employment. To prove this commitment, the Albanian Government has foreseen ALL 38,000,000 this year to finance a Cost Sharing Grant scheme to assist SMEs and their efforts to compete in the foreign market. The objective of this initiative is to help Albanian companies penetrate their exports to foreign markets by providing the necessary financial support for activities that will help implement their export marketing plan. Enterprises to be assisted by this fund are micro, small or medium enterprises with export focus.

The main areas covered by the fund are production and service, more specifically:

  • Product certification;
  • Participation in fairs abroad (Eligible costs are: rent payment of the stand, Payment for the organization and furnishing of the stand, travel costs and accommodation for 1person representative of the participating subject);
  • Promotion, publication and drafting of promotional materials;
  • Product customization – including packaging and labeling;
  • Website development and e-commerce development;
  • Advisory services (In this case costs that can be co-financed cannot be more than 50% of the total project cost presented).

The main sectors are as follows:

  • Active processing industry sector (fasons);
  • Light industry sector;
  • Agro-processing sector;
  • Research and development sector.

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