Directories and Focus

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) was established and operates under Law no. 10303, dated 15.07.2010 “On the Establishment and Organization of the Albanian Investment Development Agency”.

The governing bodies of the Agency are:

  1. Governing Board
  2. Chairman of the Governing Board
  3. Executive Director

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is structured in five directorates:

1) Directorate of Investment 2) Directorate of SME and Projects 3) Directorate of Coordination 4) Directorate of Marketing and Research Analysis 5) Directorate of Support Services.

The main objectives of the Agency consist of:

  1. Facilitating and supporting direct investments in the Republic of Albania
  2. Increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling the renovation and improvement of their products and services, as well as the technology they use
  3. Promotion and assistance to exports of goods and services
  4. Promoting Albania to the investor community and presenting investment opportunities to potential or existing investors.


The objective of the Directorate of Investment is to implement the Albanian Government policies regarding investment support and to draft / propose supportive measures aiming successful implementation of the investment promotion policies.

The main functions of this Directorate are:

  1. encouraging, attracting and supporting direct investments, by providing assistance and services to existing or potential investors;
  2. intermediating the relations between investors and central or local government authorities;
  3. providing the necessary services to the potential project and investor, as well as providing analysis and counselling services on investment opportunities to both investors and central and local government authorities;
  4. providing representation services of the investor to public institutions/entities/authorities in relation to the preparation, implementation and final realization of a strategic investment project;
  5. drafting and maintaining a database, in which the information on foreign investors and investments is stored and updated, with the purpose of identifying and assisting them, as well as publishing official data on foreign investments.

Director of the Directorate: Mileva Meksi


The objective of the Directorate of SME and Projects is to provide support services to Albanian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through technical assistance, promotion of Albanian businesses in international markets, as well as establishing links and cooperation opportunities with foreign businesses. This Directorate assists small and medium enterprises in utilizing public, national and international funding.

The main functions of this directorate are:

  1. promoting Albanian products and services in international markets, to facilitate the export of “Made in Albania” products;
  2. supporting with government public grants and securing donor funding through implementation projects;
  3. supporting the enhancement of the innovative and technological capability of SMEs, by enabling the renovation and improvement of their products and services, as well as the technology they use, by providing mechanisms based on the increase of technical capacities and innovative capabilities;
  4. creating an environment conducive to innovation, as well as assisting new Start-Up businesses;
  5. providing the necessary data for businesses, by building an information exchange network, in which studies, research and commercial analysis are published;

organizing, assisting / participating in conferences, exhibitions, fairs and other promotional activities, aiming the participation of Albanian enterprises, which produce goods and provide services intended for export.


The objective of the Directorate of Coordination is to maintain and coordinate institutional relationships with institutions and bodies within the country and abroad, coordinating work with AIDA directorates, as well as measuring and evaluating the performance of the institution for policy orientation.

The main functions of this directorate are:

  1. international communication with homologous institutions, organizations and agencies, with the aim of increasing cooperation and coordination of joint activities;
  2. cooperation and coordination within the framework of regional economic initiatives;
  3. inter-institutional communication and coordination, within the main function of AIDA as a center for the treatment of foreign and Albanian investors;
  4. coordination with institutions that have the same focus as AIDA’s activities, in achieving common objectives;
  5. coordination with the institutions responsible for foreign affairs and the diplomatic corps regarding the organization of business delegation visits, forums and activities;
  6. coordination with AIDA directorates and drafting of key performance indicators summary document (KPI);
  7. performing and measuring results according to KPI and performance evaluation;
  8. contributing to the design of the institution’s policies through the measurement of performance and results.

    Director of the directory: Genc Celi


The objective of the Directorate of Marketing and Research Analysis is to develop and prepare the marketing and necessary services, in support of the other directories of the Agency. The Directorate of Marketing and Research Analysis provides market information and new strategies, conducts market studies and data research, in order to update the materials and information for the benefit of directories and investors.

The main functions of this directory are:

  1. promoting Albania to the investor community and presenting investment opportunities to potential or existing investors;
  2. collecting materials and data derived from statistical publications for the purpose of publishing them on the official website, as well as updating data on AIDA promotional materials;
  3. organizing activities and advertising, preparing image enhancement campaigns, managing media relations and ensuring that AIDA data, news and promotional materials are periodically distributed through the media, including the website and social media;
  4. maintaining contacts with institutions within the country and abroad, that regularly publish investment-related data (WEF, UNCTAD, FDI Markets, Ministries, INSTAT, Bank of Albania, various associations and chambers of commerce and industry).

Director of the directory: Dilfirus Vrioni


The objective of the Directorate of Support Services is to guarantee the administrative, technical, legal and financial performance of the institution, ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution, in cooperation with the units established under the relevant legislation. This directorate helps in the coordination of the activities, in order to achieve the proper synergy between the departments, with the aim to fulfil objectives efficiently and effectively.

The main functions of this directorate are:

  1. follows the legal/administrative procedures and the legal issues on behalf of the Agency;
  2. drafts and follows contracts with third parties on behalf of the Agency;
  3. follows the asset declaration process and counsels AIDA employees in the area of conflict of interest and ethics;
  4. manages human resources and is responsible for the general maintenance and security of the institution, the code of ethics and the Agency regulations;
  5. plans and ensures the compliance of staff qualifications and ongoing training; follows and monitors the staff recruitment process, and also prepares and maintains the statistical records;
  6. provides financial services according to the Albanian legislation in force.

Director of the directory: Eda Xama

Organization of Albanian Investment Development Agency