Sokol NANO

Since April 2018, Mr. Sokol Nano holds the position of Executive Director at the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA).

Mr. Nano holds a degree in Business Management from the American College of Thessaloniki and has over 18 years of experience in leadership positions.


Message from the Executive Director

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is a key organization in promoting and supporting foreign direct investment in the country, a promoter of the further development of Small and Medium Enterprises and a strong incentive entity for "Made in Albania” brands.

AIDA, a core structure, is a partner committed to improving the business and investment climate in Albania, as well as increasing opportunities for investment and development of priority sectors in the country.

We aim to develop a dynamic structure, oriented towards the provision of professional services "One Stop Shop" to local and foreign investors who want to invest their capital in Albania.

We will also continue to support the development of Albanian business, to make it more competitive in the domestic market and in the foreign market, through the development of new ideas in business, as well as the promotion and support of innovation.

The success of AIDA in fulfilling its mission is closely linked to the consolidation of cooperative relations with counterpart agencies, organizations and local and central institutions.

We are the support you need in your decision to invest, grow your business and compete in the market.

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