Prime Minister Edi Rama's official visit to the Royal Palace in Monaco, invited by Prince Albert II

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On April 9 and 10, Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama was on an official visit in the Principality of Monaco invited by Prince Albert II. The Prime Minister was received at a special official ceremony at the Royal Palace in Monaco by Prince Albert II and the head of Monaco's government, Mr. Serge Telle.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Edi Rama and Prince Albert II praised the cooperation between the two countries in sectors such as environment, tourism, marina etc. and stressed their commitment to further deepen this cooperation in the future.

The Prince decorated the Albanian Prime Minister with the medal of the Commander of St. Charles's Order of the Principality of Monaco. The Order of St. Charles is the highest honor of the Principality of Monaco. It was founded by the ancestor of Albert II, Prince Karl III, on March 15th, 1858.