AIDA, part of the 26th organization of the Tirana International Fair, in partnership with Klik Expo Group

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On November 23 - 26, is being organized in Tirana, the Tirana International Fair, which comes as an event that defines Albania as a Gate for the Balkans. The Tirana International Fair, organized by Klik Expo Group, is considered as a synergy of all economic and social actors of the country, entrepreneurs, investors, authorities, young people, who trust the power of co-operation and co-existence in the region.

In this 26th edition of the fair, AIDA is participating as an institution that promoting Albania as an investment destination, facilitating and supporting direct investments in Albania, as well as Albanian enterprises.

AIDA is participating with a stand dedicated to stakeholder meetings and consultations, mainly focusing on foreign investors as well as Albanian companies. An important role of AIDA in this fair is as the co-organizer of the event calendar for B2B meetings between Albanian businesses and foreign companies, which are coming from Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Turkey etc.

AIDA will also conduct professional workshops for the benefit of foreign investors and local businesses, where presentations will be held for specific sectors, as well as for all the services that AIDA offers.

For anyone interested, the Albanian Investment Development Agency will held a presentation on AIDA's role in developing local businesses and attracting foreign investment, today at 12:30 pm in the large underground hall of the Palace of Congresses. These are accompanied by other statistical and explanatory data on the organization and progress of AIDA's work processes, as well as other dynamics outside it.

We invite you to participate in this AIDA’s presentation, to get to know the agency's role and mission more closely.