AIDA visits the company "ONUS Maison"

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Mr. Sokol Nano, Executive Director of AIDA, visited ONUS Maison Company, the first fashion house and a 90-year well-known name in Albanian fashion history.
ONUS Maison with its representative Mr. Fiordi Përnaska, operates in the textile sector, with a history of success since year 1927 and is one of the most technologically advanced brands in Albania based on tradition, handicrafts, modeling and 3D printing. The atelier focuses mainly on women's apparel, accessories and the famous 3D ties, with unique designs that convey high class and nobility.
Mr. Fiordi Përnaska introduced us to the company's activities and the ONUS brand, which is an innovative high-tech brand, pioneering the most up-to-date 3D printing technology and integrating it into the fashion industry to deliver the ultimate creations, making them unique. This high-tech application has been integrated for the first time in the fashion industry by ONUS, which holds several patents for this type of innovative technological creation method.
AIDA, focuses particularly in the textile sector by identifying market needs and companies operating companies in the sector. AIDA, through Aftercare service, aims to support by assisting in identifying problems and addressing towards the final solution.