EEN-Albania and AIDA held a meeting today with Prishtina REA

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EEN-Albania and AIDA held a meeting today with Prishtina REA, a Kosovo agency engaged in economic development, the private sector, youth and employment, international cooperation and at the same time part of the COSME program EEN-Kosovo.During the meeting, the parties discussed the progress of the program in Albania and its implementation practices, networking and exchange of experience among SMEs, as well as opportunities for international partnerships and cooperation.
The meeting started with a presentation of the Enterprise Europe Network, the services it offers to business support and growth, as well as COSME program as an important financial tool and techniques to enable the expansion of the business market to the European market towards an approach to innovation, new technologies and development research.
This meeting will be a good opportunity for starting a cooperation on concrete possibilities regarding the identification of common ground within the similar missions of institutions and respective roles in the Enterprise Europe Network.