1. Application to AIDA by the line Ministry affects the project.

When the application to AIDA is made by the line ministers responsible for the project, the application must be accompanied by an explanatory report on the strategic importance of the project, as well as a detailed description of the following elements:

  • Estimated total investment value;
  • The time needed for realizing the investment;
  • The productivity and added value that the investment will bring;
  • Employment opportunities and the opening of new jobs expected as a result of the investment;
  • Project compliance with the Policy and the Economic Sectorial Priorities;
  • Opportunities of regional and local economic development that the investment represents;
  • Opportunities to develop and improve the conditions of the standards for the production of goods and the provision of services represented by the investment;
  • The new technologies that the investment brings, which enhance competitiveness and effectiveness;
  • Increasing the overall level of security and quality of life of citizens as a result of the realization of the investment;
  • Protecting the environment and the customer that guarantees the project.


2. The application is submitted by the proposing investor of project

When the application is submitted by the investor that proposes the project , the application is accompanied by an investment business plan as well as information on:

  • The identity of the investor and of his partners;
  • Detailed description of the investment project;
  • Detailed description of the works to be realized and the services to be offered according to the investment project;
  • Detailed analysis of the timeframe that will be needed to realize the investment project, as well as the stages of its realization;
  • Description of investment characteristics that specifically refer to the development of new technologies and environmental protection;
  • Financial analysis of the entire investment project as well as an analysis of the financial costs that will be needed for the realization of each phase of the project;
  • Detailed analysis of the impact that project works and services can have on the environment and urban plans;
  • Detailed analysis of the economic and social impact expected from the realization of the investment project;
  • An analysis of the benefits of public interest that is predicted for the Albanian state from the realization of the project;


3. Proposing investment entity, to obtain the status Investor/Strategic Investment assisted procedure, Investor/Strategic Investment special procedure

In order to qualify for the status “Strategic Investor/Strategic Investment Assisted Procedure or Strategic Investor/ Strategic Investment – Special Procedure,” the proposing investing subject must accompany its written request with the relevant documentation:

  1. The Business Plan;
  2. The Financing Plan;
  3. The work program and predicted deadlines, detailed with relevant phases and actions;
  4. The impact assessment of the project in terms of social, economic and strategic potential
  5. The economic, social and operational benefits as well as the level of employment expected from the realization of investment project;
  6. The complete list of all measures, incentives and investment support services that the investor requires from the Albanian Government for the realization of the investment project;
  7. The documentation proving the financial capacity for realizing the investment project as a guarantee.
  8. This documentation must contain financial data that convincingly and clearly demonstrates the investor’s ability to carry out the investment, not less than 10% of the total investment value.
  9. The documentation that certifies this criterion may be
  • Balance of the last three years, or
  • Financing and crediting by banking or financial institutions (local or foreign),or
  • Financial guarantee issued by bank or financial institution (local or foreign).
  1. Auto Declaration of the interested investor, through which the commercial entity takes over and guarantees the authenticity of the data and documents submitted in the file.
  2. A written authorization by the investor, which authorizes AIDA to carry out all the necessary verifications on the data presented in the file;
  3. A written consent of the investor for the publication of the general details of the proposed the investment, except of the data considered as confidential, which cannot be made public or displayed for third persons, which should be expressly defined by the interested subject;
  4. The receipt of the applicable fee;
  5. The interest investor has to prove through documentation also that
  • is not any under any bankruptcy process and / or liquidation;
  • has not been convicted by a final court decision related to the professional activity
  • the capital and assets are not subject to any mandatory execution procedures by the bailiff service;
  • is in compliance with the obligations related to the tax payment;
  • has fulfilled its obligations related to the payment of social security contributions.
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