AIDA held a meeting with FMT Servomatik

On October 12, 2022, AIDA visited FMT Servomatik – a subsidiary of FMT Group, which is a high-voltage stabilizer manufacturer established in Turkey. FMT Servomatik has been operating in the market for 25 years and now exports worldwide, including most recently to Latin America.

FMT Group started as a voltage stabilizer manufacturer. Afterward, the company expanded the production line by launching into the market several electrical products, such as generator motors, UPS, voltage stabilizers, LEDs, transformers, solar panels, electrical and electronic materials, filters, and spare parts.

FMT Servomatik products are Made in Albania. The company runs the design, assembly, and production processes. FMT Servomatik has recently invested 1 million EUR in a new factory in Albania – one of the most significant foreign investments ever made in Albania.