Strategic Investers Status

Application Procedures

When the application to AIDA is made by the line ministers responsible for the project, the application must be accompanied by an explanatory report on the strategic importance of the project, as well as a detailed description of the following elements:

  • Estimated total investment value;
  • The time needed for realizing the investment;
  • The productivity and added value that the investment will bring;
  • Employment opportunities and the opening of new jobs expected as a result of the investment;
  • Project compliance with the Policy and the Economic Sectorial Priorities;
  • Opportunities of regional and local economic development that the investment represents;
  • Opportunities to develop and improve the conditions of the standards for the production of goods and the provision of services represented by the investment;
  • The new technologies that the investment brings, which enhance competitiveness and effectiveness;
  • Increasing the overall level of security and quality of life of citizens as a result of the realization of the investment;
  • Protecting the environment and the customer that guarantees the project.

Support Measures

  • Performance of preparatory actions and preparation of administrative documents by the assisting agent, including the necessary documents accompanying the application, when they are issued by a state administration body, at the request of another organ of state administration;
  • Priority handling and preparation of documentation, issuance of opinions or follow procedures that are included in the activity of state administration bodies represented in the operational group for the preparation and implementation of the strategic investment;
  • Land consolidation;
  • Support programs;
  • Support with ancillary infrastructure;
  • Access to state-owned immovable property for the purposes of developing and executing strategic investment projects, pursuant to the legislation in force.

Selection Criteria

  • The Ministry responsible for a project can apply to obtain the “Potential Strategic Project” status;
  • Project investor of the project can apply to obtain the “Potential Strategic Project” status;
  • The proposing investing subject can apply to benefit the Status of “Strategic Investor/Strategic Investment – Assisted Procedure” or “Strategic Investor/ Strategic Investment – Special Procedure”.

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