Directories and Focus

Directories and Focus

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) was established and operates under Law no. 10303, dated 15.07.2010 “On the establishment and organization of the Albanian Investment Development Agency”.

The governing bodies of the Agency are:


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Executive Director

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is structured in five directorates:


The Directorate of Investment

The Directorate of SME and Projects

The Directorate of Coordination

The Directorate of Marketing and Research Analysis

The Directorate of Support Services


The mission of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is to increase the competitiveness of the private sector, to strengthen the country’s export potential, to promote the support of foreign direct investment in Albania, as well as to promote the country’s tourism potential.

AIDA maximizes domestic and foreign investments. Through the creation of subsidiary initiatives, it increases the competitiveness of enterprises in Albania, improves technological capacities and their renewal with combined goals to increase foreign direct investment, strengthen the capacity of Albanian business, and also build a high standard for Albania with a focus on attracting various investors.

The activity of the Agency is mainly focused on:


The objective of the Directorate of Support Services is to guarantee the administrative, technical, legal and financial well-being for the normal functioning of the institution, in cooperation with the units created according to the relevant legislation. The directorate assists in the coordination of activities, to achieve the appropriate synergy between the directorates, in order to achieve the objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

The main functions of this directorate are:

  • Supporting the activity of the Agency, by implementing the legislation in force, in order to create the necessary infrastructure and resources that guarantee the development of the normal activity of work processes.
  • Monitoring the economic-financial and administrative activity of the institution, according to the legal and sub-legal acts in force.

Director of the Directorate: 

Erisa Ymerali

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