The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), in order to support Albanian enterprises, promotes the growth of their presence in international markets, assists in the creation of connections and cooperation opportunities with foreign businesses, provides support services and technical assistance for the growth of exports, organizes conferences, forums, fairs, as well as other promotional activities aimed at the participation of Albanian enterprises that produce goods and provide services intended for export.

Since fairs constitute one of the direct opportunities that enterprises can use to exhibit their goods and services, to undertake and further develop business relationships, to monitor competition, to establish contacts and exchange experiences, but also to simplify the entry into international markets, it is important that the presentation and participation is done in a professional manner.

Through this guide, AIDA intends to inform every interested entity with the necessary information and rules on participation in the fair. The guide is intended to serve as a guide and common point of reference to help companies, regarding the objectives of participation in the fair, identification of the most suitable fair, decision-making criteria, planning and participation.

At the end of the guide, some tips and recommendations are offered with the aim of strengthening the capacities and skills of enterprises on participating in fairs.

For more, browse the guide at the link below:

Short Guide for the participation of MSME’s in the fair

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