The main objective of Directorate of MSME & Projects within AIDA is to provide services to support Albanian small and medium enterprises through technical assistance, capacity building, information on markets, customs, support for promotion, through fairs, business missions, market research and general sectorial publications, such as surveys, online information on export markets, database of importers and exporters, etc. AIDA also provides support to MSMEs with public government grants and the provision of donor’s funding through implementation projects; support for increasing the innovative and technological capacity of MSMEs, enabling the renewal and improvement of products and services, as well as the technology they use, through the provision of mechanisms based on increasing technical capacity and innovation capabilities; creating an innovation friendly environment, as well as assisting start-up businesses.

The Directorate of MSME & Projects can assist entrepreneurs, associations or other business organizations by assisting them free of charge in the following areas:

I am looking to develop my company’s competitiveness by:

Identify the economic trends of the sector in which I operate

Learn how to design a business or marketing plan

Identify opportunities for professional training of employees

Identify your needs

I am looking to develop exports of my company and I need to find:

Foreign partners for the countries I want to export

List of major international fairs and meetings of the sector where I operate

Information on the sector where I operate and the main importing countries

Trade preferences towards the EU, USA, Balkan countries, etc.

I am looking to be informed about funding opportunities:

Competitiveness Fund (managed by AIDA)

Innovation Fund (managed by AIDA)

Creative Economy Fund (managed by AIDA)

Start-Up Fund (managed by AIDA)

Support programs of the Albanian State in the sector where I operate

Financial mechanisms offered by the Albanian market

International funds and projects

Administrative contacts, associations, projects in my sector

Social Media

Social Media