Setting up a Business in Albania

Legislation and the National Business Center (NBC)

Legislation regarding business registration and licensing procedures has been harmonized with EU standards with a focus on reducing administrative barriers for businesses operating in Albania. Starting a business was made easier through the establishment of the National Business Center and the online publication of relevant documents, reducing the cost of registration and consolidating the registration of taxes, health insurance and employment in a single application.

The registration of an entity / enterprise in the NBC is finalized within 24 hours from the submission of the required documentation and a payment of 100 ALL (approximately 0.8 euros), which can be reduced to 0 ALL if the registration is done electronically.

The administrative services of NBC are provided electronically through simple procedures, within short deadlines and with symbolic tariffs. An application can be made in any NBC service window, regardless of the applicant’s location or location of the activity. Online business registration is allowed. The electronic application is made through the government portal e-albania.

Upon successful completion of the business registration with the NBC, the applicant must visit the Local General Directorate of Taxes in the municipality / commune, in order to complete the fiscal registration.

Furthermore, the “silence is consent” principle applies. If the NBC, within the mandatory period of 1 day from the submission of the application for registration, does not complete the registration, notifies the suspension of the application, or does not notify the denial, the registration is considered accepted immediately.

Other categories of entities may have the obligation to register if that is set forth by specific laws.

As a general rule, entities that register as a legal person gain their legal personality by registering with the commercial register. Meanwhile for some entities like natural persons, branches and representation offices of foreign companies, simple companies and others entities that according to the legislation in force do not gain legal personality by way of registration, said registration with the commercial registry has solely a declarative effect.

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