Albania has a strong and vibrant manufacturing sector, which is led by quite successful enterprises in the textile and footwear industries.

Having this excellent experience and skilled workforce, Albania offers great potential to diversify its economy, moving from the textile and footwear industry to the automotive industry.

Key facts of the manufacturing sector

Continuous growth of the sector’s exports over the last few years;

The manufacturing sector has been continuously diversifying the range of its exports, as shown by the increase in exports of machinery, equipment and spare parts by 38% from 2021 to 2022.

Cost-competitive fashion manufacturing industry driven primarily by the production of high-quality leather clothing and footwear;

Significant expertise accumulated in this field over the past 20 years

Partnerships with the most popular companies and retailers across Europe.

The main markets are Italy, Germany, Greece, France and the Netherlands.

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Key Manufacturing Segments To Develop Businesses

Textile and Garment Industry

Footwear Industry

Automotive Industry

Plastic Industry

Social Media

Social Media