AIDA visits the TIMAK company in Tirana

AIDA, within the framework of the Aftercare campaign and meetings with businesses, has held a meeting with the TIMAK company.

The TIMAK company has been active since 2016, with headquarters in Tirana Industrial Park and operates in the field of production, assembly and adaptation of ambulances, fire engines, armored vehicles, etc.

The meeting was held with the administrator of the company, Mrs. Arjeta Puca, who informed us about the methodology and transformation processes from a car to the final product. The company currently had 11 employees, but at the peak of production it reached 25-30 employees.

TIMAK company had produced ambulances for many different countries, including: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.

During their activity, the company, in addition to ambulances and fire engines, also had extensive experience in “Moving Businesses”, transforming various vehicles into Fast Food, Barber shop, Pet Shop, various Tricycles for ice cream and any other service.

Their main focus was the health sector and the production of any vehicle in this field, as well as the objectives for the future were the production of electric vehicles, mainly buses.