AIDA, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Albania and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, organized on March 26, 2024, the Albania-Czechia Business Forum, as a proof of the common will to deepen economic cooperation and explore opportunities bilaterally to promote partnerships, as well as new investments.

The forum was welcomed by the Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation, Mr. Blendi Gonxhja, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jozef Sikela, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Ami Kozeli and the Executive Director of AIDA, Ms. Laura Plaku (Saro), where emphasis was placed on the diverse potential that Albania offers to foreign investors, the guarantee and protection of investments through the reforms undertaken by the government, as well as the strategic sectors for investments.

In her speech, the Executive Director of AIDA, Ms. Laura Plaku (Saro), said that this is the momentum in terms to invest in Albania and invited Czech entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity and how AIDA is their partner in this process, guaranteeing businesses that AIDA assists them with every need from the process of starting a business, or with project ideas to do business in Albania.

Ms. Plaku, presented the positive business climate and the reasons why they should invest in Albania, continuing with potential sectors such as: ICT&BPO, Tourism, Energy, Agriculture and Manufacturing, as he also presented the Strategic Investments procedure.

Believing in the potential of the Czech state, Ms. Plaku, extended her invitation to increase the economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries.

The forum continues with the session of B2B meetings, between Albanian and Czech companies, to discuss concrete opportunities for cooperation and the creation of partnerships in the future.

This forum was a fundamental initiative that paves the way for commercial cooperation and an excellent opportunity to exchange concrete opportunities for future cooperation in sectors of mutual interest.