Results of participation in the “Conference on employment opportunities and labor market trends in the cross-border area between Albania and Montenegro”.

The conference took place in Bar, Montenegro on the 24-25 of April, and was held in the framework of the “Skills for Sustainable Employment and Inclusive Economic Growth of Cross-Border Region of Albania and Montenegro – Skills for Jobs Albania – Montenegro (IPA II 2014-2020) ” project.

AIDA, as a partner institution, is implementing this project in collaboration with the not-for-profit organization Foundation Business Start-Up Center Bar (coordinator), the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (partner), and the Shkodra-based not-for-profit organization “Go2Albania” (associated partner).
The main objective of the project will be the promotion of employment and social inclusion by facilitating the entry of young people and women to work in the cross-border area of Albania and Montenegro.
During the conference, a variety of topics were discussed, including labor market trends, limitations and opportunities both in Albania and Montenegro. Moreover, speakers provided a set of support measures in force for small-medium enterprises, young people, and women in Montenegro, alongside their approach to youth entrepreneurship.
The productive discussions during the conference inspired a set of recommendations that the project partners have included in the brochure, alongside best practice examples related to the competitiveness of the economy, and the access to quality vocational education.
The activities planned in the framework of this project implementation will be carried out between Albania (Municipality of Shkodër, Municipality of  Vau i Dejës, Municipality of Malësi e Madhe) and Montenegro (Podgorica, Tuz, Budva, Bar, Ulcinj, Danilovgrad and Cetinje).
AIDA will be the main coordinating point of all the activities that will take place in Albania, including but not limited to identifying the participants that will participate in trainings, and employers that wish to be involved in this project.
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