A roundtable was held with the producers of “Made in Albania” products from the “Leather-Footwear” sector

Today, in the premises of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), a roundtable was held with the producers of “Made in Albania” products from the “Leather-Footwear” sector.

The activity was welcomed by the Executive Director of AIDA, Ms. Laura Saro, who presented the agency’s services in support of MSMEs and other measures that AIDA intends to undertake in support of the leather-footwear sector. Also present at this activity were two Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation, Mr. Endrit Yzeiraj and Mr. Sokol Duma, representatives of the “Pro Export Albania” association, as well as manufacturing companies of this sector.

The discussions was focused on identifying and addressing the needs of this sector, related to its promotion and products in foreign markets through cooperation with Albanian embassies abroad, the processing of raw materials/leather in the country with the aim of increasing of added value in export, support through the application of the “Cassa di Integrazione” model, also in Albania, during difficult financial situations, financial support through dedicated funds for the leather-footwear sector, etc.

The recommendations and suggestions that emerged from this meeting will be addressed to the other responsible institutions in order to support and develop this sector with high potential in the local economy.