The Aftercare service at AIDA conducts training for the staff of Kamez Municipality

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), in cooperation with GIZ (ProSEED), has continued with the next steps for the realization of the joint project undertaken for the further development of the After-Care sector.

This initiative aims to create a chain of communication between AIDA, local government, education and research institutions, as well as investors present in the area, aiming to support existing investments, encourage re-investments and promote local resources.

In this context, on December 21, 2022, a meeting was held between the staff of the Directorate of Investments & After-Care from AIDA, together with the expert appointed by GIZ and the staff of the Kamez Municipality.

The purpose of this meeting was to familiarize and train the staff of the Municipality on the concept of After-Care. The focus was not only on the presentation of the Municipality staff with the After-Care Service offered by AIDA, but also on the consolidation of the relationship between the two institutions as well as the discussion of problems, needs or recommendations related to issues of common interest.