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As of September 2023, Mrs. Laura Plaku (Saro) holds the position of Executive Director at the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA). 

 Mrs. Saro holds a Law degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, and a Master of Science (LLM) in International Law and International Relations from the University of Kent, Brussels. Additionally, she has bolstered her credentials with several post-graduate international qualifications in the same field, obtained from reputable institutions in the United Kingdom and Brussels.

With over 12 years of professional experience, Mrs. Saro has served in various capacities within both public and private institutions. Her expertise predominantly lies in management and strategic consulting.

During the same period and to date, Mrs. Saro continues to engage in promoting an informed and active citizenry. Her contributions range from lecturing to managing various projects related to Civil Society, fostering valuable networking with diverse stakeholders to align our country with the European perspective. These contributions are well-documented in Mrs. Saro’s authored and co-authored publications and guides.

Mrs. Laura Plaku (Saro) is also a licensed “Lawyer” in the Republic of Albania, a distinction she has held since 2017.

Message from the Executive Director

The purpose of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country, through the attraction and promotion of all local and foreign investments

Our motto is TO BRING STRATEGIC IDEAS TO LIFE, becoming both a partner and a guide for all investors interested in embarking on the journey of development of their own, and of Albania.

Our main source of support consists in aiding local businesses in enhancing their competitiveness, both domestically and in foreign markets. Our approach involves nurturing new ideas and incentivizing innovation to drive growth.

We firmly embrace the values of 'the power of diversity' and 'strategic perspective’, underscoring our dedication to facilitating fruitful investments and nurturing the economy of our country.

We envision a symbiotic relationship between the ‘journey’ and the ‘destination.’ Through specialized assistance, we aim to propel ideas, projects, and Albanian and foreign entities toward the destination — one that translates into increased investments within the country and the expansion of local businesses in international markets. This journey epitomizes SUSTAINABLE AND COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Let’s expand “the art of the possible” as a unified team, partnering in our country’s economic development journey.

Laura Plaku (Saro)



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