I. Public Grants

  • Competitiveness Fund
  • Innovation Fund
  • Start-Up Fund
  • Creative Economy Fund

II. Projects

Enterprise Europe Network (AIDA – Lead Partner)

Enterprise Europe Network assists companies in developing innovation and expanding their operations in the international market.
Enterprise Europe Network is the largest network in the world in support of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with the ambition to be part of the international market.
The network provides international business expertise, combined with local knowledge, on some services such as partnerships, consulting and innovation.
Its main purpose is to help the companies grow and develop through qualified support, the creation of new trading partnerships and access to finance.
Enterprise Europe Network supports Albanian businesses to be more competitive and innovative in Europe. Network services are particularly relevant to SMEs, but are also available to other businesses, universities and research

FILA (AIDA Partner of the Project)

The project “FILA – Fertilization and Innovation Labs in Agrofood” is co-funded by the EU and implemented under the Interreg IPA Italy-Albania-Montenegro Cross-Border Program for a period of two years: 01.04.2018 – 01.04.2020.
Its main objective is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and cross-border cooperation by strengthening the link between research and business through the establishment of three cross-border fertilization and innovation laboratories in Albania’s agro-food sector (Korca), Montenegro (Niksic-Tehnopolis) and Apulia (Bari – CIHEAM) based on the FILA model.
FILA laboratories will serve as “innovation spaces”, which will foster collaboration among innovation system stakeholders (business support organizations, research centers, SMEs, investors) to improve access to research results for businesses, thereby encouraging the creation of innovative solutions and investments in innovation and supporting start-ups in the agro-food sector.
For more information about the project:

BLUE BOOST (AIDA Associated partner)

AIDA is a supporting partner of the BLUE BOOST project, which aims to increase the potential for transfer of knowledge and technologies, inter-institutional and cross-sector collaboration of innovation actors in the blue economy (mainly fishing and shipbuilding) and emerging sectors (mainly blue technologies, including aquaculture – robotics and new materials) reinforcing relationships between them through knowledge sharing and a community based approach. This project is implemented in Albania by the Albanian Development Fund and is funded under the Adrion Interreg Interregional Program.
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III. Programs and Instruments available for financial support to organizations, initiatives and businesses, as well as various calls for IPA funds:
HORIZON 2020 – Research and Innovation
COSME – Competitiveness of SMEs
ERASMUS PLUS – Education, training, youth and sports
CREATIVE EUROPE – Media and Culture
EUROPE FOR CITIZENS – Europian Identity
EaSI – Employment and Social Innovation
IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro
IPA CBC Greece – Albania
IPA CBC Albania – Kosovo
IPARD Program
Italian – Albanian Program for the Development of Private Sector in Albania
World Bank
Opportunities for Clusters
Smart Specialization Strategy
Textile Innovation